Any Reason is a Good Reason to Shop!

Ok, so I’ve kinda sucked on that whole “Pay It Forward Friday” concept… Not that I haven’t found any good causes to support, but just that there are so many good causes out there. It’s been overwhelming, to say the least, in picking one cause at a time and I’ve just not followed through on it. Today isn’t even Friday. My apologies :/

This morning, I received an email from a blog that I follow, The Dating Divas, and they posted about date night outfits. This is a blog that I stumbled upon recently and I’m loving it so far. So in this particular post, there was a link to a website (Cents of Style) to purchase the items. I love online shopping, so there was no other rational option than for me to click through and browse their wares.

Eureka! Or in my hubby’s voice, Great…

So not only is this site unique, but it’s inexpensive! There are not a lot of items there and things are limited quantity, but I was seriously, Ready, Set, Shop! Then I clicked the tab entitled “Style for a Cause.” I found this beautiful “Love” necklace. I was also introduced to Oaklynn.

$8.95 to change a life :)

I like to read about any and everything and today I learned about a disease that unless you know someone affected, you’ve probably never heard of. Oaklynn has Rett Syndrome, which is a a developmental disorder, almost exclusively affecting little girls. It occurs in 1 in 15K births and people are working to find a cure. Head on over to the site to meet Oaklynn, learn about her disease and pay it forward. Score you some bling in the process!

Make It Awesome!

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